Questions One Needs To Ask When Selecting a Security Company

Armed Response & Alarm Monitoring

  1. What area do you cover?
  2. Are you the dominant force in the area?
  3. Where is your base located compared to the area?
  4. Do you have your own Control room and do your own monitoring? (if not there will be a delay as the Control Room has to communicate (phone or radio) with a different company in order to dispatch a Reaction Officer and this delay puts you more at risk)
  5. Do you have your own Armed Reaction Officers?
  6. Is a security check carried out on all staff employed?
  7. How many vehicles do you have in the area I live?
  8. Is it an Armed Response service?
  9. Do you actively patrol the area – or do you respond only on activation of my alarm?
  10. How many clients do you have in the area?
  11. How often will your vehicles be in the area?
  12. What is your contractual term?
  13. Do you have any CCTV cameras in the area you monitor?
  14. What is your policy when my alarm is triggered?
  15. Are you alarm technicians SAIDSA (South African Intruder Detection Services Association) certified and certify their work to those regulations?
  16. Do you sub contract alarm work & installation/repair of alarm systems?
  17. What are the qualifications of their technicians?