Line of Fire

Basic Level Firearm Training (Competency Training)
Training for personal use as, a after completing this course you can apply for a competency at the police station for the specific firearm type you have done training for e.g. Handgun.

Aimed for those who would like to poses a firearm.

Business Level Firearm Training:
This course is directed for persons who will work with business firearms.

Advanced Level Firearm Training (Tactical Training):
This is an introduction to certain tactical concepts and movements, more focused for security personnel. The general public is open to do this trading to develop you skills in this area.

  • Firearm licensing
  • New license application
  • Renewal of license
  • New competency training
  • Renewal of competency

Reloading Courses:
This reloading course will appeal to not only beginners but also more skilled and professional hunters and marksmen. This course teaches you the physical laws that comes in to play when shooting your firearm. This course is composed so that it teaches you more what to do and what to look for when reloading rather than giving you strict answers on what you must use.

Self-defense Classes:
This self defense classes can be done through workshops as well as weekly classes. We have workshops for security personnel, like armed response officers as well as for the public.

Life skills are one thing someone cannot take away from you, so arm yourself with the skills to defend yourself when a life-threatening situation occurs.

This course will appeal to: men, women, children, security personnel.

Self Defense Equipment:
We can provide a wide range of self-defense equipment to the public as well as security personnel, e.g. Bulletproof, Tazers, Batons, Pepper spray.

Indoor Shooting Facility:
We have an accredited indoor shooting range open for public use. Perfect for days when the weather outside don’t allow you to practice your shooting skills.